Semi-Nekid Shad with 1 #4 Hook, & BIG 3D Eyes


Semi-Nekid Shad with 1 #4 Hook, & BIG 3D Eyes

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The Semi-Nekid Shad is available in Raw Lead, or 17 bright amazing colors.  

The Standard eyes are the 3D Red Eye's, but  also available in Yellow, or Silver Holographic Eyes.  Please use Contact-Us if you prefer Yellow or Silver Holographic Eyes.

2D Eyes are also available.  Eyes colors are Red, Yellow, or Silver Holographic.  Please use Contact-Us if you prefer Red, Yellow or Silver Holographic 2D eyes.

Target fish are primarily White Bass, Striper Bass, and Hybrid Bass.  Available with 1 Rust Resistant Eagle Claw 375 Treble Hook, with Ultra Sharp Points.

You can fish as a Single Slab, or Purchase the additional Hook Upgrade, and fish with two hooks, using the center eye as the tie off point.

Available weight & Hook Sizes are:

3/4oz - #4 Treble Hook

1 oz - #4 Treble Hook

1 1/2 oz - #4 Treble Hook


Color Choices are Raw Lead, or 17 Awesome Rock Hard, Bright, and Shiny Colors:

  1. Nekid Raw Lead

  2. The Chrome-an-a-tor

  3. Green Chartreuse

  4. June Bug

  5. Sangria Orange

  6. MidNight Glow (Black)

  7. Sparklin' Sky Blue

  8. Bright Sunshine Yella

  9. Neon PINK

  10. Yellow Chartreuse

  11. White

  12. BeDazzled Blue

  13. Pearl

  14. Electric Blue

  15. Stop Light Red

  16. Sour Apple

  17. Bright Orange

  18. Reef-Blue

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