Welcome to Nekid Tackle

Nekid Tackle is a dream of mine that has turned into a viable Business.  The original intent was to make my own tackle, because I needed something to keep my hands busy.  I have debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis, and was on the verge of losing dexterity in my hands and fingers.  Originally I was going to make spinner's and other small wire tackle, until a good friend asked me if I could make an A/Umbrella Rig.  

I took the Challenge and started by creating the now RonRig with hardened Stainless steel and Lead.  I had many guides and Professional fisherman ask me if I could develop the RonRig with no lead, because rigs made with lead seem to get hung up quite a bit.  Thus the proprietary method I use to create some of the strongest and most durable A/Umbrella Style rigs on the planet...RonRig's!

Why Nekid Tackle??  We manufacture plain tackle, with the exception of white powder painted Jig Heads, Our tackle is NEKID :)

I source as much of my materials with products manufactured in the USA.  Rosco, AFW, Eagle, and good ole hardened USA made Stainless steel.

Like a customer stated, All A/Umbrella rigs catch fish, and do a good job of it, but the RonRig lasts longer and does not get hung up as much as the others.

The RonRig has been fully tested by Professional fishermen, Guides, and everyday fisherman.  Yes any steel wire product can break, but the RonRig's seem to last longer.  All of Nekid Tackle is built to my exacting high standards, with the best materials available.

Ron & Family
Lewisville, TX  USA